A message from Silvio Pollio - Founder Black Carrot C3G® and Phenolica S.R.L.


A balanced equilibrium is the only thing a human being should strive for in life... Functional Food is the future, and proper digestion is the last attempt to save humanity, as digestion controls thoughts and thoughts precede action. Grains are the number 1 selling items in the world. By deftly experimenting with, and using the ancient black carrot anthocyanins, Pollio has been able to transform bread, pasta and almost any carbohydrate into a powerful antioxidant food, without changing the original taste or recipe. It's simple: by controlling your glycemic spikes and glucose levels, you control your thoughts, actions and cravings for the wrong foods, make better choices; and you will reach that desired equilibrium. However, it's not that easy, so we should start by fortifying the wrong foods that exist and work from there. By adding this FDA approved, Kosher element and ingredient to almost anything, you will start to ensure a balanced homeostasis, balanced psychology, balanced emotions, balanced weight and keep soaring medical care costs at bay, to an eventual reduction, to none. The nation that accomplishes this first, will be the last nation standing, and/or the nation that sets the world standard. Which nation will it be? Which nation cares the most?

My goal is move the food and beverage industry forward in the way it should have gone 100 years ago. Anthocyanins bound to glucose have been around since the beginning of time, since photosynthesis; and we are somewhat healthy and who we are today, thanks in part to our ancestors vast consumption of these polyphenols and anthocyanins for millennia. Education, and a lack of, took a turn for some reason, and suddenly salads were green and the emphasis was no longer on eating purples, but 'eat your greens'. My focus, however, is to instill the importance of anthocyanins and polyphenols, introduce Black Carrot C3G® as THE ingredient and element that can be added to almost anything, and curb the current epidemic of obesity, depression, confusion and diabetes. My introduction of this will fuel a new market, and inspire food companies who are looking for that special element with the right mechanisms of action, and will be even more inspired to investigate the further potential of their food and beverage lines. They will see how simple such a thing is, and how they too can help this growing crisis. Phenolica s.r.l. and Black Carrot C3G® in no way can serve all 7 billion people, but it can certainly be the initiative, set the standards and be a pioneering company. I will inspire the agricultural sector to simply plant more black carrots, as the demand for this will grow 1000 fold from one day to the next once the momentum has gained full force. This IS the turning point in history, and 'The time of salvation.'

Being a filmmaker and a bonafied Italian/Canadian writer, producer and director of feature films and various mediums for over 25 years, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to driving home my emphasis and passion to help this world. By 37 years old, I felt I had accomplished everything I could most possibly ever want in the movie industry at that time, and it was through cinema that enabled me to become a strong researcher and expand my knowledge. This allowed me to step away, move to Rome and through a natural progression, return to my other passions of biology, chemistry, physics and medicine, with the goal of one day coming back to cinema and merging both passions for one reason: make a change and contribute my part to this world while I'm here. Because, when you have the ability to write, produce and direct movies, and distribute them internationally, you can accomplish anything life has to offer. We have such great minds with the ability to learn almost anything if we seek it. So why limit ourselves and our talents to just one sector or industry? 

Thank you in advance for trying our products and inspiring others to be the best they can be. God Bless and much love to you.

Silvio Pollio
Phenolica S.R.L.
Roma, Italia