What is NF-kB?

Black Carrot C3G® blocks Nuclear Factor Kappa B, (NF)-κB the master regulator of inflammatory responses. NFkB, a protein, that acts as a switch to turn inflammation on and off in the body, kind of like a sleeping Minotaur Beast that breathes fire when it's awake... This 'beast gene,' when awake, looks for and detects dangerous threats such as free radicals and infectious agents to radicalize them even more and make infection worse. So, in response to these threats, The NFkB Minotaur starts breathing that heavy fire to make inflammation and other matters worse. Not only that, but the fire smells bad too. As we get older, NFkB expression in our body increases, provoking widespread chronic inflammation and setting the stage for more 'disease battles' such as  Atherosclerosis and Diabetes to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's. Knowing this should motivate us to counteract the NFkB Minotaur beast's dangerous effects, and therefore protect ourselves against multiple diseases commonly associated with aging. 'BLACK CARROT C3G' blocks NF-kB and inflammation by keeping the beast asleep, AND NOT letting it in when it's awake.