What is Nrf2?

Black Carrot C3G® activates Nrf2, (Nuclear Factor erythroid-derived 2-like 2) a protein at the center of our protective pathway that activate the enzymes to fight oxidative stress. Nrf2 serves as the 'Master Regulator' of the body's antioxidant response system, 'the thermostat', or 'the Praetorian Guard' that sleeps with one eye open. Nrf2 senses any oncoming oxidative stress, stressors and, in turn, activate internal protective mechanisms to protect our oligodendrocytes, (myelin forming cells) and keep them from dying during an attack of oxidative stress. 
Equal parts secret service and special forces, Black Carrot C3G's activation of the Nrf2 will serve as the sworn bodyguard for you, the ruler. Its job for you:
• DNA repair
• Anti-inflammatory
• Cardiovascular diseases prevention
• Diabetes prevention
• Alzheimers prevention
• Cancer prevention
• Reverse aging of the skin