Why Black Carrot C3G®?

The time for functional food is NOW more than ever. It is projected that in 25 years, 1 in 2 people will have diabetes, will be overweight; and we will see health issues like we've never imagined. The number one destroyer of humanity is white sugar and if we don't act now, the sugar epidemic will be become far worse than a nuclear disaster. Black Carrot C3G Products, be it the powder, the raw carrot itself, the juice, the capsules or the pellets, is a functional food and capable of immediately turning off the inflammation gene, Nuclear Factor Kappa B, (NF-kB) and start regulating blood sugar. Black Carrot C3G tackles insulin resistance to a point where one's insulin becomes more sensitive, thus allowing nutrients to flow directly into muscles cells, rather than fat cells, now that NF-kB is blocked and inflammation is reduced. Capable of crossing the blood brain barrier, Black Carrot C3G immediately starts doing its job. Even if the individual is still on a somewhat rather horrible diet, they'll still notice results after one month of consistent intake of this 100% natural product. 

They will see that sugar is no longer craved, serotonin levels are higher, anxiety levels are lower, depression is gone; and the desire to run, get in shape and start eating healthy begins to take over. Insulin is now becoming more balanced and stable, and once regulated, emotions are now more in control; and with emotions in control, good decision making, smart choices and overall well being, is now the number one priority. For children, teens and students, Black Carrot C3G will prove extra beneficial, as it is a fantastic cognitive enhancer, curbing ADD and ADHD, therefore, rendering one more concentrated and focused on accomplishing goals.